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Madeleine Thompson (25), Sophia Huerta (17)Emily Oliver (19)Emily Oliver (19)Kendall Romine (22)Marjani Hing-Glover (27), Allie Vernon (88)Camille Levin (2)Mariah Nogueira (20)Chioma Ubogagu (9), Jenny LaPonte (3)Chioma Ubogagu (9), Jenny LaPonte (3)Marjani Hing-Glover (27), Chioma Ubogagu (9)Camille Levin (2), Sydney Payne (10), Ellie Rice (4)Alina Garciamendez (4)Kendall Romine (22), Sarah Jackson (7)Rachel Quon (11)Sarah Jackson (7), Mariah Nogueira (20)Kristy Zurmuhlen (18), Margueritte Aozasa (8)Camille Levin (2)Madeleine Thompson (25)Lindsay Taylor (17), Jenny LaPonte (3)